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Download document Literature review: The Nature, Prevalence and Effectiveness of Strategies Used to Prepare Pupils for Key Stage 2 Maths Tests
This literature review includes an overview of studies on the effectiveness of test preparation in mathematics, and about research in the field of mathematics education that would help us answer questions around the effectiveness of subject-specific test preparation strategies. This review covers two different strands of literature: 1) studies on test preparation and teaching to the test, particularly in mathematics, and 2) research on primary mathematics education. Section 2 currently only provides a very general overview of research in primary mathematics education. This section will be expanded and more focused in the final stage of our study when we have identified specific strategies teachers use in response to the key stage 2 test, allowing us to refine our search to studies addressing the effectiveness of these strategies.
Published on 21 October 2016

Download document Blog: Assessment without levels; some preliminary responses of teachers’ responses
Published on 18 July 2016